Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Back and with a Super Awesome Plan

                                                            Credit: Artist: Jason Ertel

....I was really contemplating on just deleting this blog for two reasons: 1.) I'm too lazy to put work into it and 2.)I'm not sure blogging in the first place is the person I am. Over the past 6 months (wow very long time) I've moved back home with my mom to take care business and to plan a major career change. Some days have been a piece of cake while others have been shit but I'm hanging in there. I just realized today that I wanna turn this blogging thing into an idea I've had for a long time and to do that I have to put work into into it. In others words this is gonna be my side hustle while I find that perfect main hustle. Life is too short to be bored sitting behind some register counter serving unknown people who in truth I could care less about. I want to be happy to the point where I'm shitting rainbows and this plan is allows me to do that. I can't indulge in anymore than that it's a super awesome plan of mine but I can promise that I will post at least 4 days out of the weekday from now on. I'm excited for the things that are to come to me.

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