Saturday, November 26, 2011

Taking the plunge

We're all moved in!! I have so much to share of how this new phase of my life is going and some big news about how I'm going to follow my dream of being making this blog into something major. Which means putting in work, networking, writing, cooking and everything in between. I'm so excited because I finally know where I want this blog to venture into to. So welcome to Suga Baby Luv a place where you experience my adventures in cooking,giving love back into the world and maybe one day parenting.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Joys of Coupledom: Moving In Together Edition #1

I've been M.I.A for this very reason-----we're moving in together in less than two weeks. Everything is just roses and peaches over on my end. Ha! Yeah right I'm getting to pull my hair out and maybe commit a inhumane crime and we have yet to move a box. The main reason is because we having two very different decorating styles. Some may ask: what man in their right mind likes to decorate? Surprisingly a lot of men do. It's actually kind of sexy to see him so hands on in the process or it could be that he's actually scared that the whole apartment's going to be covered in pink and floral and vintage chic. Believe if I had my way it would be but because of almost 5 years together I learned on thing: COMPROMISE!!! Something he still has a hard time with but he's learning.

The problem is he has a more contemporary style and me well I'm just all over the place I love every aspect of interior design. In other words I'm more open minded. So open minded that I'm choosing to go a little bit darker with my color scheme for the apartment starting with the bedroom. My ultimate goal is to not have it too girly or to masculine but an equal dose of both.

 bedframe and dresser: Ikea, comforter set: Steve Madden, mirrored night stand: Target

This scheme just kind of came together. I think it's contemporary enough and it's outside my comfort zone. I just hope he likes it when I put it all together. I'll post pictures of the end result in the next month or so. I may add a small decorative piece and a some artwork from either him or me.  I'm excited though to be moving in together just the process is so stressful.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shame On Me

So I kinda went crazy over the weekend. Blame it on most of my wardrobe being in storage and having to buy clothes to wear to work. I'm still not done I need 4 more pairs of pants and shoes galore. I'm complaining because I kinda grew tired of fashion and clothes shopping. Something that I never in the life thought would happen. The mall gives me the hives and I would much rather spend money on my soon to be project which is my home library when we move into the apartment.
I did however do a little leisure shopping online at Forever 21. Some of the stuff is for work and some of it is obviously for play. I haven't purchased anything just yet because I have no shoes or pants to go with the stuff. Plus I want to savor the moment because the rest of my mula goes towards helping for our moving costs and furniture that we need. Like a mattress, but we'll discuss that some other time.


Note: Do yourself a favor and please Google Timothy Bloom. I promise your ears and eyes won't regret it :).

I miss my other half, my best friend, my lover...I really do. When I first decided to move back with my parents to get myself together it was hard on us. It was really hard on me because he is really the only man that I've allowed myself to get so close to. Not just intimately but mentally. I miss our talks, I miss just lounging around the house, I miss cooking for each other, I miss our love sessions, but most of all I miss us.

We've been fighting a lot lately but have managed not to let those fights get the best us. I stick to that mantra. I detest going to bed angry or worried no matter how frustrated or angry he gets me. Sometimes I get scared because we are finally taking that step and moving in together (within the next two months) and I ask myself "Are you really ready?"

We've had extended sleepovers before but this time it's going to be the real deal. My heart tells me we'll be able to manage as long as we stay in our unique little world; loving each other only the way that the two of us can. We'll be okay. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Strange Things=My Everyday Happenings

This morning's events that totally changed the direction of what I wanted to write today.

  • After realizing that my phone was not blowing up with emails, I checked my phone and due to a screw-up of mine or T-Mobile; my phone service got disconnected. I blame T-Mobile. So after I handled that quickly because I just had this feeling I needed to take care of that ASAP. I went my booty back to sleep.
  • While I'm sleeping/lucid dreaming. I realize that I having the same dream over and over in a matter of minutes. That dream involves the HR lady from my former job telling me that she just could not let me get away and that she found me an opportunity working for the sister company doing exactly what I wanted to do in the first place.
  • Meanwhile my disoriented self is still worried about my damn emails. So I wake up and start messing with my blackberry and somewhere in between there and going back to sleep I miss THE call!!!! 
  • I finally get my butt up and check my voice mail and just like that I have a job offer that I interviewed for sometime last October.
  • I call the lady back and just like that I have another job. No interview just come to go get the package so I can take my drug test on Monday.
 What's even crazier is that when I call my hubba to tell him the good news. He responds with an "I know" because he had a feeling yesterday that I would find something. I'm so elated right now. I'm going to leave you  with this quote:

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought."- Buddha

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...No Really!

You know how you can look at something for so long and it begins to become something totally different from what you're looking at. The picture above is just part of scenery of my former place of employment. After years of looking at these damn coke machines I decided to take a picture simply because I didn't want to look at them anymore and to put the energy of optimism out in my environment. This was back in January and I don't miss these machines one bit.

So Yes! After almost 5 freaking years I finally quit and moved on to a place where I thought was perfect. Happy ending for me...ha! After a week of working at the place (which I shall not name due to respect), well actually after the second day. A deep rooted instinct told me "Ree, this is not the place for you." I can be a bit of a hard head at times due to pride. Who isn't?  So I decided to just ignore that feeling and try to learn the job the best I could. Thursday morning came and I just wasn't feeling it but I took my ass in there and by the end of the night I had my answer. I QUIT!!!! I emailed HR and my boss and told I was resigning from my position as of that day and I went to go pick up my check later that day. Yes, I quit in what is to be described as the toughest job market ever (I don't believe that hoopla), I never quit a job without giving a two weeks before. I got the balls to do it so I did it. It took me about a month or less to get that job so I am positive that I will find another one.

I not completely jobless either due to fact I went to ask if I could work one day for my old job. So I have 6 days out of the week to lolly gag around and job hunt and maybe finally give this blog the attention it deserves...maybe. I don't have anything to do so I probably will. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


This is the back yard of my mum's house. I took this while peeping out of the blinds and thought it was cool because it reminded me of a setting you can find in a scary movie.

It's Finally Come...2011

 ( Pics of the 2010 Lunar Eclispe courtesy of Me)
2011 I've been waiting for you and so far 3 days in and you have not disappointed. From massive amounts of dead birds and fish to my new wave of consicousness I have a feeling this year can only get interesting. I'm looking forward to two big things this year:
  • Moving in with my hubba finally
  • New Job!!!!
Of course there's a few other miscellaneous big things I have planned up my sleeve which I will share later on in the year. Oh and not to forget my 365 project! This will be my first year doing one and hopefully I can commit to it because I have issues when it comes to committing to such things (ahem...this blog). I hope everyone is having a great 3 days into the new year so far!