Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making Gravy Outta Grease

This ride called life takes you on ups and downs, quick stops and long stops and detours. I can't stand detours because they are so unexpected. You can plan something for ages and in a matter of seconds something can change your whole aspect on life and screw up your agenda. In a matter of two days I will know if this grand master plan I had before I've moved back in with my mom will come into affect or come crumbling down on my head. Yeah I know...that's life but the structural dynamic of my relationship is depending on this. So I'm hoping everything goes in my favor for once in my life.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm A Girly Girl...Sue Me!!!

Picture credit: Coastal Living

My boyfriend would just die if I wanted to decorate kitchen like this. I love anything feminine, sweet, vintage and just colorful. I'm almost there to having my own place again. I'm so excited to decorate it the way I want to; well at least the bedroom and kitchen. I have a bunch of posts still in drafts. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. A promise is a promise even if it's only to myself.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Back and with a Super Awesome Plan

                                                            Credit: Artist: Jason Ertel

....I was really contemplating on just deleting this blog for two reasons: 1.) I'm too lazy to put work into it and 2.)I'm not sure blogging in the first place is the person I am. Over the past 6 months (wow very long time) I've moved back home with my mom to take care business and to plan a major career change. Some days have been a piece of cake while others have been shit but I'm hanging in there. I just realized today that I wanna turn this blogging thing into an idea I've had for a long time and to do that I have to put work into into it. In others words this is gonna be my side hustle while I find that perfect main hustle. Life is too short to be bored sitting behind some register counter serving unknown people who in truth I could care less about. I want to be happy to the point where I'm shitting rainbows and this plan is allows me to do that. I can't indulge in anymore than that it's a super awesome plan of mine but I can promise that I will post at least 4 days out of the weekday from now on. I'm excited for the things that are to come to me.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I Learned and Lusted For Today

Today was my day off and before I get into what about the above lusted items in the picture. I want to address something very interesting that I learned about today. Haul Vlogging and how I just might have become just a lil bit hooked on those that do it. I'm a frequent reader of New York Magazine's The Cut. Even thought the writer irks me in some of the articles she writes. Anywho this particular piece was about the phenomena of vlogging (video blogging) and basically how she thinks it's kinda pathetic. In all honestly when I first heard of girls that did vlogging I didn't really get it at first but then I realized that hey it's no different really from what bloggers do and what I'm attempting to do right now. However I let you be judge here's the article.

Is it bad that I watched some vlogs on youtube for like half the day and become hooked on one in particular Dulce Candy. I love her and she is so adorable and an admirable person (she does'nt just shop all day she's served her country). Plus I feel a lot better about my shopping habit because this girl can shop her ass off. No way can I can be chatised for shopping ever again from my Mum or my hubby lol.

Ok and to what I Lusted after today. These Forever 21 Love 21 floral shorts I must have. They sold out before I could buy them and I was not sacrificing my account over them. So gone there are...maybe. I'm plan on hitting up New York's Forever 21 when I visit to see if they have them. The second picture is Urban Outfitters dress that I gotta have for spring but my size is being backordered for May 5th which gives me time to come up with 100 bucks to spend on it I guess. I can't wait for spring to come!!! I can't wait to be pretty prissy again lol. Even though I will be hopefully spending my summer back in school.

A lil Bit About Me

I just realized I never properly introduced myself and the purpose of this blog. My name is Ree and I'm originally from New York. This blog was intended to be a fashion blog but i dunno anymore. I might just get the feeling to say whatever I damm well may please depending on the situation. Um....I'm a recovering shopaholic, taking baby steps is the way to go although today I realized I'm not as bad as some of the other girls out there lol. I hope to gain some wisdom and meet some new peeps while blogging and I promise myself I will no longer lurk. I will actually try to comment on most of the kick ass sites I've discovered over the last half of year. All that being typed; I hope you all have a positive day. Love

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Gotta a Chip on My Shoulder. So Im Skipping Town

photo credit:flickr
Away I will be in about a week to my birthplace New York City...just a lil surprise trip I decided to tag along on. Away I need to be right now to take a break from every nuance that has been pestering me for the last month. It'll be a roadtrip; roadtrips are my favorite thing to do in the world. It's just something about them that are just so peaceful to me especially the New York trips. I doubt the weather will be as pretty as it is in the picture when I ride through the George Washington Bridge. I checked the weather it's suppose to rain and be dreary my first couple of days there. I dont know how much shopping I will be doing when I get there for the simple fact that shopping is not really the purpose of the trip and Im gonna a broke ass because I'll be trying to pay every single bill there is before I go to catch up on everything. So family and relaxation it will be for about a week.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Birthday and other shing digs

This year for my 24th birthday I decided to go casual;meaning no fancy restaurant, no clubbing, no birthday dress. Just straight up chilling out with my close ones. Which i don't have that many but enough to keep me happy none the less. So I spent the day trying not to kill my husband and avoid having a uber sensitive emotional breakdown and spent the night at Red Lobster and cosmic bowling. The food was not that good but what do i expect but bowling was kick ass. I got some cool gifts the biggest ones my Wii-from the hubbers and my camera-from my mumsy and dad. This is like attempt 101 to produce a blog and stick with we shall see how that goes this time around.

Whatever this drink concoction was called I drunk it down like I would a starbucks frap lol...should have made drinks at my house but the goal was to have fun not get wasted.

My lobster tail and was ok...yeah just ok.

oh yeah and the beautiful moi...this was the first casual bday outfit in a long while so casual that when mum came over to drop off my gift we argued over my grey tee which I think i dressed up quite nicely.