Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Finally Come...2011

 ( Pics of the 2010 Lunar Eclispe courtesy of Me)
2011 I've been waiting for you and so far 3 days in and you have not disappointed. From massive amounts of dead birds and fish to my new wave of consicousness I have a feeling this year can only get interesting. I'm looking forward to two big things this year:
  • Moving in with my hubba finally
  • New Job!!!!
Of course there's a few other miscellaneous big things I have planned up my sleeve which I will share later on in the year. Oh and not to forget my 365 project! This will be my first year doing one and hopefully I can commit to it because I have issues when it comes to committing to such things (ahem...this blog). I hope everyone is having a great 3 days into the new year so far!

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