Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Joys of Coupledom: Moving In Together Edition #1

I've been M.I.A for this very reason-----we're moving in together in less than two weeks. Everything is just roses and peaches over on my end. Ha! Yeah right I'm getting to pull my hair out and maybe commit a inhumane crime and we have yet to move a box. The main reason is because we having two very different decorating styles. Some may ask: what man in their right mind likes to decorate? Surprisingly a lot of men do. It's actually kind of sexy to see him so hands on in the process or it could be that he's actually scared that the whole apartment's going to be covered in pink and floral and vintage chic. Believe if I had my way it would be but because of almost 5 years together I learned on thing: COMPROMISE!!! Something he still has a hard time with but he's learning.

The problem is he has a more contemporary style and me well I'm just all over the place I love every aspect of interior design. In other words I'm more open minded. So open minded that I'm choosing to go a little bit darker with my color scheme for the apartment starting with the bedroom. My ultimate goal is to not have it too girly or to masculine but an equal dose of both.

 bedframe and dresser: Ikea, comforter set: Steve Madden, mirrored night stand: Target

This scheme just kind of came together. I think it's contemporary enough and it's outside my comfort zone. I just hope he likes it when I put it all together. I'll post pictures of the end result in the next month or so. I may add a small decorative piece and a some artwork from either him or me.  I'm excited though to be moving in together just the process is so stressful.

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