Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Birthday and other shing digs

This year for my 24th birthday I decided to go casual;meaning no fancy restaurant, no clubbing, no birthday dress. Just straight up chilling out with my close ones. Which i don't have that many but enough to keep me happy none the less. So I spent the day trying not to kill my husband and avoid having a uber sensitive emotional breakdown and spent the night at Red Lobster and cosmic bowling. The food was not that good but what do i expect but bowling was kick ass. I got some cool gifts the biggest ones my Wii-from the hubbers and my camera-from my mumsy and dad. This is like attempt 101 to produce a blog and stick with we shall see how that goes this time around.

Whatever this drink concoction was called I drunk it down like I would a starbucks frap lol...should have made drinks at my house but the goal was to have fun not get wasted.

My lobster tail and was ok...yeah just ok.

oh yeah and the beautiful moi...this was the first casual bday outfit in a long while so casual that when mum came over to drop off my gift we argued over my grey tee which I think i dressed up quite nicely.

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