Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...No Really!

You know how you can look at something for so long and it begins to become something totally different from what you're looking at. The picture above is just part of scenery of my former place of employment. After years of looking at these damn coke machines I decided to take a picture simply because I didn't want to look at them anymore and to put the energy of optimism out in my environment. This was back in January and I don't miss these machines one bit.

So Yes! After almost 5 freaking years I finally quit and moved on to a place where I thought was perfect. Happy ending for me...ha! After a week of working at the place (which I shall not name due to respect), well actually after the second day. A deep rooted instinct told me "Ree, this is not the place for you." I can be a bit of a hard head at times due to pride. Who isn't?  So I decided to just ignore that feeling and try to learn the job the best I could. Thursday morning came and I just wasn't feeling it but I took my ass in there and by the end of the night I had my answer. I QUIT!!!! I emailed HR and my boss and told I was resigning from my position as of that day and I went to go pick up my check later that day. Yes, I quit in what is to be described as the toughest job market ever (I don't believe that hoopla), I never quit a job without giving a two weeks before. I got the balls to do it so I did it. It took me about a month or less to get that job so I am positive that I will find another one.

I not completely jobless either due to fact I went to ask if I could work one day for my old job. So I have 6 days out of the week to lolly gag around and job hunt and maybe finally give this blog the attention it deserves...maybe. I don't have anything to do so I probably will. 

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