Sunday, April 3, 2011


Note: Do yourself a favor and please Google Timothy Bloom. I promise your ears and eyes won't regret it :).

I miss my other half, my best friend, my lover...I really do. When I first decided to move back with my parents to get myself together it was hard on us. It was really hard on me because he is really the only man that I've allowed myself to get so close to. Not just intimately but mentally. I miss our talks, I miss just lounging around the house, I miss cooking for each other, I miss our love sessions, but most of all I miss us.

We've been fighting a lot lately but have managed not to let those fights get the best us. I stick to that mantra. I detest going to bed angry or worried no matter how frustrated or angry he gets me. Sometimes I get scared because we are finally taking that step and moving in together (within the next two months) and I ask myself "Are you really ready?"

We've had extended sleepovers before but this time it's going to be the real deal. My heart tells me we'll be able to manage as long as we stay in our unique little world; loving each other only the way that the two of us can. We'll be okay. 

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